The Value Games

Excellent Vehicle to enhance cross functional teamwork, results and organizational synergy!

iStock_Happy WOrk TeamSmall Purpose: To increase cross functional teamwork and performance by integrating values, physical fitness and community involvement.

Target Audiences: Organizations where cross functional teamwork and community involvement are stated values and essential for success.

Key Constituents: Niche Players, Mid Cap and Fortune 500 companies,

  • Facilitated Values Workshops
  • Focus on Cross Functional Teamwork
  • Adoption of local Non Profit Organizations
  • Low Cost – High Impact
  • Community Involvement Integration
  • Business Process Improvements included
  • Pre-Race Training Sessions
  • Guaranteed Improved Synergy

The Value Games Promise…

  • We enhance and improve teamwork
  • By focusing on organizational values as a platform for improve synergy, performance, bottom line results improve
  • With a focus community involvement and physical fitness these anchors achieve long term balance
  • With our unique approach, lives are changed and both internal and external communities achieve a higher level connection
  • Relationships greatly improve which will accelerate problem solving and time to market solutions
Value Games Delivery…

  • Games are customized for your Organization
  • Local venues used
  • Local Non Profits Engaged
  • Teams to determine additional time dedicated to the Game
  • Your Value Games Coordinator will serve as our interface
  • We manage all Race Day logistics
  • We will track team progress and offer Coaching during the event cycle
  • A “Value Games Summary” will be provided to Management at the conclusion of the Games