The Value Games


Excellent Vehicle to enhance cross functional teamwork, results and organizational synergy!

To increase cross functional teamwork and performance by integrating values, physical fitness and community involvement.

Target Audiences: Organizations where cross functional teamwork and community involvement are stated values and essential for success.

Key Constituents: Niche Players, Mid Cap and Fortune 500 companies,

The Value Games Promise…

  • We enhance and improve teamwork
  • By focusing on organizational values as a platform for improve synergy, performance, bottom line results improve
  • A focus on community involvement and physical fitness these anchors will achieve long term wellness benefits
  • With our unique approach, lives are changed and both internal and external communities achieve a higher level connection
  • Relationships greatly improve, which will accelerate problem solving and time to market solutions



  • Facilitated Values Workshops
  • Focus on Cross Functional Teamwork
  • Adoption of local Non Profit Organizations
  • Low Cost – High Impact
  • Community Involvement Integration
  • Business Process Improvements included
  • Pre-Race Training Sessions
  • Guaranteed Improved Synergy


 Value Games Delivery…

  • Games are customized for your Organization
  • Local venues used
  • Local Non Profits Engaged
  • Teams to determine additional time dedicated to the Game
  • Your Value Games Coordinator will serve as our interface
  • We manage all Race Day logistics
  • We will track team progress and offer Coaching during the event cycle
  • A “Value Games Summary” will be provided to Management at the conclusion of the Games