My experience in the Games helped me to understand how one’s strengths, weaknesses and decisions are both tough and selfless. As a result of this experience, I realized that in order to accomplish great things – to truly be successful…we must push our boundaries and trust one another. A team of a few passionate people can indeed move mountains.
Executive Assistant

By participating in the Games, I learned the value of teamwork, overcoming insurmountable odds and to trust in human nature. The experience allowed me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and rely on others to help solve problems/ issues encountered in the workplace.
Strategic Director

Our company benefited from the Games by having confident employees, risk taking employees and employees knowing the value of teamwork. These employees normally had little or no interaction prior to this event. The organization also benefited from employees being able to correspond with other team members after competing these games, creating for a stronger organization.
Corporate Vice President

I would highly recommend these games to organizations wanting to establish a culture of teamwork, trust, loyalty, togetherness and fun.
Sales and Marketing Representative