A unique approach: training and education for the entire family. An engaging, inspiring and enlightening family affair!
Created to bring families closer together, build a stronger values based bond and teach functional life skills. The family training institute is a 501c3 Non Profit.

Family Training Institute Programs

Abundant Living Program ®

Purpose: To facilitate dialogue and to train families on the principles of abundance versus scarcity.

Target Audiences: Families across the U.S. Canada and Latin America.

Key Constituents: Churches, School Systems, Youth Organizations, Community based organizations, Family Counseling Organizations’

ONE Global Village

Purpose: To provide diversity and inclusion training and tools for communities trying to achieve common ground and collaboration.

Target Audiences: Groups and organizations who have a demonstrated history and evidence that they embrace community diversity and inclusion.

Key Constituents: Schools, Colleges and Universities, Community Groups, Foundations,Social Responsibility Organizations, The United Nations

Heavenly Fathers Boot Camp®

Purpose:To train urban fathers how to be better parents, husbands and community contributors.

Target Audiences: Men who have received little formal training and education regarding parenthood and marital relationships.

 Key Constituents: Family and Children Services organizations, Churches, Social Agencies, Birthing Centers, Correction Institutes, The Court System, The Legal Aid Society, Family Crisis Centers, School Districts